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Posted August 19, 2015 by Oldairhead
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October 2013, It’s over!

After 7 years of offering randonneuring events in southern Utah I am sad to say that this will be the last year that any events are offered in this region. Randonneurs seem to favor participating in events near their home and apparently will not travel far to ride in other regions. In spite of offering some spectacualr routes, many of them through our local national parks, I cannot seem to entice riders to come to this area to ride. Participation in our events has always been low and is declining. I cannot justify continuing the effort as an RBA with such low participation.

For those who have ridden our routes, I am glad that you have enjoyed them. For those who have not, I am sorry that you may not have the chance to. Many of these routes have also been available as permanents, but after this season those will no longer be offered. I am taking a break from event management for a time. Perhaps at some point I will again offer my permanents to the public.

At this point it is my intention to ride and enjoy events in as many regions as I can attend. I love riding in new areas and meeting new people. I have made many friends in a number of regions across the west and have tried to do my part for the sport. Now it is time to just go out and have some fun!

Some SUB Permanents are still available!

I will be still be offering 3 of my permanent routes, the Zion Canyon 103 , the Bryce Canyon 103 and the Champagne 101 in southern California.  To apply for any of these routes simply email me at lonnie at oldairhead dot com (you get it right!) Both of these routes have a preferred season and I will not offer them outside of that window. If in doubt contact me early. I travel frequently so do not wait until the last minute or I may not be able to respond in time. A couple of weeks in advance is best! The most popular route that I had was the Zion Canyon 200 km but that route has been invalidated by new road construction in the area and is no longer available. Any other routes that I have had in the past are currently unavailable as I have not been unable to maintain them.